NHS Vertical Agitator

The NHS agitators are vertical agitators with worm gearmotor. They can be used in mixing, dissolution and maintenance processes where a mild to medium mixing is required. This agitator is designed for the food-processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and it is provided with the most suitable finish for each industry.
The NHS agitator can be used in tanks of up to 10.000 L with products of medium to high viscosity.

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NHS Vertical Agitator

    Operating principle

    The agitators are installed inside the tank either centrally with current deflectors (baffles), or offset so that the position itself prevents the rotation of the mixed product. The rotation of the propeller makes the fluid flow to the bottom and then up to the surface of the product along the walls of the tank. The effect is enhanced if the bottom of the tank is curved.

    Design and features

    Vertical agitator.
    Sealing: splash ring and lip seal.
    Propeller fixed to the shaft by Allen cap screws.
    Worm gear motor with smooth surfaces and food-grade oil:
    IEC, IP55, F-class insulation.
    Propeller with 4 inclined blades (T11).


    Parts in contact with the product: AISI 316
    Lip seal: NBR
    Gear housing: aluminium
    Surface finish: Ra < 0.8 μm


    FPM lip seal (FDA).
    Shaft and propeller lined with plastic material for use with corrosive products.
    Welded propeller with Ra ≤ 0,5 μm surface finish.
    Propeller with 2 inclined blades (T6).
    Gamma propeller (T16).
    High flow propeller (T19).
    Geared motor shroud.
    Other motor protections available on request.

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