KIBER KTE Progressive Cavity Pump

The helicoidal pump KIBER KTE is a progressive cavity pump with a hopper and endless screw feeder, compact and robust design used for decanting the viscous products, masses, pastes and liquids with solids in suspension. Its main application is for transferring whole or destemmed grapes and its design allows to install it right under the destemming machine. It also can be used for red wine devatting.

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KIBER KTE Progressive Cavity Pump

    Operating principle

    Friction between the rotor and the stator creates a vacuum in the inlet area thereby helping the entry of the product into the pump. The turning motion of the rotor makes the cavities between the rotor and the stator move forward and transport the product to the outlet.

    Design and features

    To improve solids particles pass towards its inner with the best possible deal and to avoid its break, each endless screw has a big diameter and a specific design for each model pump.
    The hoppers have a safety grid, drainage and a minimum level resistive sensor to stop the pump in the event there is not product in its inner and to avoid the running dry.
    The pumps are supplied mounted on stainless steel trolley with swivel wheels with brake. Also, an ergonomic handle prepared to mount an electrical panel is included.


    Parts in contact with the product 1.4301 (AISI 304)
    Stator NBR (with a lower hardness to better treat the solids in suspension)
    Sealing NBR double seal


    Plastic or stainless steel electrical panel
    Remote control
    Frequency converter
    Other connections

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