DCH Hygienic Twin Screw Pump

The DCH is a twin screw pump, with hygienic design, suitable for use in the food, dairy, beverage and cosmetic industries.
The flow is uniform and in an axial direction, so there are no changes of volume or physical properties of the product. Therefore, it is an ideal pump for handling shear-sensitive fluids.
It has a high suction lift capability with very low NPSH values.
It is capable of pumping liquids with high viscosity, but also with low viscosity, so it can be used as a CIP-supply pump.
The design ensures a fully cleanability and drainability.

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DCH Hygienic Twin Screw Pump

    Design and features

    The DCH pumps are available in two versions: close coupled and bare shaft construction. Having a three part design (suction casing, discharge casing and separate flange) to dismantle the pieces more easily, and designed according to the EHEDG recommendations. The mechanical seals have a hygienic design and when required, other materials can be used.


    Parts in contact with the product AISI 316L
    Bearing support AISI 316
    Gear Housing Aluminium
    Gaskets in contact with the product EPDM

    Mechanical seal:
    Rotary part Silicon carbide (SiC)
    Stationary part Silicon carbide (SiC)
    Gasket EPDM

    Surface finish:
    Internal Ra<0,8 μm
    External Matt

    Connections DIN 11851


    Mechanical seals: TuC/TuC .
    Knife-edge single mechanical seals.
    Double mechanical seals.
    Gaskets: FPM, HNBR, FFKM.
    Heating chamber.
    Bareshaft version.
    Different types of connections.
    ATEX certification.

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