CPG Side-entry Agitator

Side-entry agitator for the winemaking industry.
Maintenance of solids in suspension.
Coupage (wine blending).
Gasification (SO2 or CO2).
Temperature homogenisation.

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CPG Side-entry Agitator

    Operating principle

    The design of the agitator is based on the shaft that slides through a full bore valve into the tank and a propeller that opens automatically when started. The agitator shaft is provided with a C/St.St./EPDM mechanical seal.

    Design and features

    The CPG wine agitators are designed for installation in tanks full of product by means of a full bore valve without losing product and without special tools.
    The standard mixing element is folding propeller type 12.
    Electric motor 3 ph, 400 V. , 50 Hz, IP 55, 1450 rpm.
    Manual deaeration valve.
    Standard connections DIN 11851.


    Parts in contact with the product: AISI 304
    Gaskets: FPM
    Mechanical seal: C/St.St./EPDM
    Surface finish: Matt


    Stainless steel trolley.
    Valve for product injection, drainage or sampling.
    Mechanical seal TuC/TuC/FPM.
    Female connection to the motor.
    Control panel and protection in compliance with the EC standards.
    Special shaft length.
    Different types of connections.

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