C-TOP S Control Unit

The C-TOP S control unit can adapt to any INOXPA actuator, and both efficiently and individually automate pneumatically driven process valves. These include: butterfly, ball, diaphragm and single or double seat valves.

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C-TOP S Control Unit

    Operating principle

    The control unit contains a linear detection electronic module comprised of several hall sensors.
    A PLC systems sends signals to the solenoid valves through the unit’s electronic module to control and operate the main valve. At the same time, the electronic module sends return signals to the PLC to indicate the valve’s current position.
    The C-TOP S is configured using the electronic module’s buttons.
    A specific colour for each valve position lights up to indicate the valve’s current status at all times. The unit’s coloured lights can be configured using the DIP switches that are also found on the electronic module.

    Design and features

    The C-TOP S installs easily onto the top of the valve’s actuator.
    AUTOTUNE mode enables quick and simple configuration.
    Line detection using hall sensors.
    Use of up to three solenoid valves possible. One solenoid valve is required for single-acting control valves, two for double-acting control valves, and three for mixproof valves.
    External sensor connection possible.
    360° view of lights indicating valve status.


    Plastic parts PA6
    Nuts and bolts A2
    Gaskets NBR
    Pneumatic connections Nickel-plated brass