C-TOP+ Control Unit

The C-TOP+ is a pneumatic control unit designed to ensure an optimum control over the INOXPA process valves. It is compatible with most PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) automated systems with digital communication.
C-TOP+ can be installed to any current process valve in the food-processing, beverage and biopharmaceutical industries.

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C-TOP+ Control Unit

    Operating principle

    The C-TOP+ control unit incorporates indication and command devices to control pneumatically operated process valves.

    This unit as a single piece has the following features:
    • Pneumatic and electric control over the valve
    • Position sensors with feedback

    The control units are fitted to the pneumatic actuator. It receives signals from a control panel or from a PLC to actuate the valves and sends signals to the PLC or to the control panel to communicate the status/position of the valve.
    C-TOP+ unit contains three LEDs (depending on the configuration) constantly indicating the operating status of the valve. A fourth LED (white) indicates whether the operating voltage supply is connected.

    Design and features

    The design of the C-TOP+ unit is simple, modular and resistant that guarantees the maximum flexibility. Depending on the product version it has up to three 3/2 solenoid valves (NC) and three sensors. If necessary, an additional external sensor and an additional external solenoid valve can be connected.
    The sensors are actuated contact-free by a magnet attached to the control rod. The sensor can be magnetoresistive or magnetic reed type and it is activated without contact wiith a magnet in the shaft control.

    The C-TOP+ units can be set up according to the customer’s requirements.


    End cap: Polypropylene
    Housing: Reinforced polypropylene
    Plate: Reinforced polypropylene
    Seals: EPDM
    Screws: Stainless steel

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