C-TOP Control Unit C-TOP

The C-TOP is a pneumatic control unit designed to ensure an optimum control over the INOXPA process valves. It is compatible with most PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) automated systems with digital communication or bus (AS-interface).
C-TOP can be installed to any current process valve in the food-processing, beverage and biopharmaceutical industries.

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C-TOP Control Unit C-TOP

    Operating principle

    The C-TOP control unit incorporates indication and command devices to monitor all types of (piston) process valves.
    This unit as a single piece has the following features:

    . Pneumatic and electric control over the valve
    Position detectors with feedback
    . Possibility of bus communication (AS-interface)

    The control units are fitted to the pneumatic actuator. It receives signals from a control panel or from a PLC to actuate the valves and sends signals to the PLC or to the control panel to communicate the status/position of the valve.

    Design and features

    The design of the C-Top unit is simple, modular and resistant that guarantees the maximum flexibility. The C-TOP units can be set up according to the customer’s requirements.

    Configuration of solenoid valves
    . Single-acting actuatuion – 1 solenoid valve
    . Double-acting actuatuion – 2 solenoid valves
    . Mixproof valve – 3 solenoid valves

    Configuration of detectors
    The valve position is detected by means of microswitches or inductive detectors.
    . 1 position (closed or open valve) – 1 detector
    . 2 positions (closed and open valve) – 2 detectors
    . 3 positions (open valve, closed valve, Mixproof seat cleaning) – 3 detectors


    Base: PPO + GF
    Cover :Transparent PC (standard)
    Transparent PSU (optional, for work under extreme conditions)
    Gaskets: EPDM (standard)


    External detector (Detection of the seat lift when it cannot be detected inside the C-TOP).
    Materials for work under extreme conditions (PSU cover).
    Solenoid valves 24, 110, 220 VAC.
    Communication: AS-interface.