BMA Magnetic Agitator

The range of magnetic drive agitators BMA is a highly hygienic solution for the applications of dispersion, dissolution, homogenization and mixing in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and food-processing industries.

Due to the magnetic coupling they are especially useful because they avoid any possible contact of the product with the atmosphere.

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BMA Magnetic Agitator

    Operating principle

    When solids or liquids are added into the vortex created by the magnetic agitator, they are transferred straight to the rotor.
    The rotor transforms the axial movement of the medium into a radial acceleration from the centre of the rotor towards the wall of the vessel.
    The added medium is well distributed ensuring a homogeneous mixing of all the volume.
    It is strongly advised to assemble the agitator in eccentric position in order to minimize vortex and to avoid the installation of deflectors.

    Design and features

    Magnetic coupling. No leakage.
    Designed for cleaning and sterilization (CIP and SIP).
    Very low particle generation.
    Bottom mounted. Excellent for suspensions.
    Practical when there is no much space at the top of the tank.
    Easy disassembly: neither lifting device nor special maintenance support required.
    Autoclavable rotor.


    Parts in contact with the product AISI 316L
    Bushing SiC
    O-ring FEP for models up to BMA-225
    EPDM for other models